Endless Dotman

What is this?
Endless Dotman is a variation of the classic arcade game Pacman. Collect dots and avoid ghosts. Turn the tables on the ghosts by eating stars. There are no levels, just an endless world.
Click on the logo to start. Use arrow keys to move.

Version 1.0.2, 10-3-2017
New Endless Dotman logo!
Splash screen will no longer start game automatically.
Replaced the fruit with our own art (for better or worse).

Version 1.0.0, 10-1-2017
Splash screen.
Game over screen with stats.
New Dotman art. New Ghosts art. New Star art. Same dots.
New Fruit art. (From Emojipedia.org, we may change it to original art soon.)
Starvation timer. You have 15 seconds to eat something or die.
Swipe gestures work to control Dotman on mobile.
The Ghosts have names: Scary, Mary, Jerry, and Harry. Jack claims I mixed up Jerry and Harry, but he didn't write it down so...

Version 0.3.1, 9-23-2017
Death animation.
Sounds for death, chomping ghosts, eating stars, and gifts.
Music, composed by Jack.
Options buttons for SFX and Music.
You can now press any arrow key or click the mouse to restart the game after dying.

Version 0.2.1, 9-18-2017
Ghost logic implemented via: Game Internals
Rooms are carved algorithmically.
Dot sound.
Floating text when chomping ghosts.
After dying, hit left arrow to restart game.

Jack (10): Production, Design, Art, Music
Ezekiel (13): Design, QA
Jon (old): Programming, Sound